The Reading List: The Wall Street Journal

I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. I love technology but there’s also that nostalgic feeling of the touch and feel of a newspaper that not even technology can replace. Today I’m reading The Wall Street Journal. I rotate between WSJ, USA Today and the Las Vegas Review Journal. They say print is dying, some even say it’s dead. I say it’s alive and well.


Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Dress Boots 7.5 E (video)

Brand new Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Oxford Dress Boots. Size 7 E. Shop the boots on my eBay store

Malibu, California

Surfing. Pacific Coast Highway. Pacific Ocean. Chic people. I love Malibu. I love Southern California. I’m from Lagos, Nigeria. I live in Las Vegas. I love all of this. Wearing: Levi’s Fedora | Brunomagli Oxford Shoes | H&M Blazer and Pants | Hanes V-Neck T-Shirt | Diesel Watch

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Happy Hour at Double Helix Town Square Las Vegas


Orders Ready For USPS Pick Up

No more driving 8 miles roundtrip to the nearest post office to ship orders. The USPS app makes scheduling a daily home pickup a breeze. I also get an email notification when the items are picked up. Less time at the post office, more time sourcing new inventory and growing business.


Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Shoes by Allen Edmonds

Two pairs of Jack Nicklaus signature spikeless white and blue golf shoes by Allen Edmonds now for sale at $70 each. Available in size 7 and 8. Shop on our eBay store, size 7, size 8. Retails for $245 on


Chippewa Engineers

I got a call from my supplier to come in and check out a few Allen Edmonds oxfords in his inventory. On arriving I spotted 11 pairs of newly delivered Chippewa Whirlwind Engineer Black Leather Steel Toe Boots. She told me they don’t come around often and recommended testing a few pairs in the store. Little did I know how popular the boots were. We sold 5 pairs at $97 each within 30 minutes of listing them on our eBay store. I don’t see the remaining 6 lasting beyond the weekend. Glad we bought all 11. Next time Allen Edmonds.




Success on Poshmark

In addition to eBay, I’m excited to write that I’m having quite a stellar run on Poshmark, all two weeks that I’ve been on it and looking forward to the future. For those who are not aware, similar to eBay, Poshmark is a mobile-focused digital platform that connects buyers and sellers in fashion, footwear and accessories. What I like most about Poshmark is its ease of use and interactivity. You get a maximum of 4 images including a covershot, compared to eBay’s 24. Another Poshmark feature I love is how users are able to like and share your listings with other users and friends. An effective technique I use is responding to everyone who likes and shares my listings with a simple ‘Thanks for the like, open to offers’ message which has lead to conversions. Here’s a Burberry Signature umbrella currently up for sale on Poshmark and eBay for $148. Started with 6 a few days ago, down to 1.


New Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s White Leather Oxfords 9.5 D $338

Selling these for $338. Shipping $12.65 in the US. Inquire about international shipping. Contact me if you want them.





Soon, you’ll actually be able to buy my Salvatore Ferragamo sandals directly on Instagram

Acquisition marketing is top on Instagram’s to-do list. Techcrunch reports that ‘Shop Now/Buy Now’ buttons could be coming soon to Instagram. I’m hopeful that soon, you’ll be able to buy my Ferragamo’s, among other items directly on Instagram, which is merely “circling” the idea. “We’re not announcing in-app commerce today” Instagram’s Global Head of Business and Brand Development James Quarles tells Techcrunch. “We’re watching the space closely. We want to help reduce the friction from the point of inspiration to transaction.”

Salvatore Ferragamo #men

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