Awards Dinner


With my good friend Tamara, one of the kindest, most sincere and authentic person I know. This is the only full length shot of the outfit I have. Fitted blue blazer, stripped tie, white shirt paired with black basketball shorts and nantucket red cotton loafers. Oh, let’s not forget the fedora.

The Digeologist Travel… The Omni Royal, New Orleans


The good news: A contemporary, beautifully designed hotel-resort in the French Quarters with friendly staff and short walk to Bourbon Street, the beating heart of New Orleans. Also huge walking closet-style bathtub, if you’re into that.

The bad news: Small room, inside or out you could be anywhere in the world (besides the staff, nothing about The Omni speaks New Orleans). Slow, painful hotel internet connection. You will have to go outside to use the apps and Internet on your phone.

Will I return to The Omni? Probably not.

The Digeologist Travel… New Orleans


I’m off to New Orleans, soaring high above Las Vegas. Besides transportation, general airport and TSA hassle, packing luggage is by far my least favorite thing about traveling. In terms of wardrobe, I never know what to bring or leave behind, so I pack most of my closet and workout gear, mindful of the 50 lbs checked baggage weight limit. In case you’re wondering where I’m staying, it’s The Omni Hotel in the French Quarters. Check back for pics shot on my new Sony A5100 mirrorless digital camera.